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Product Information / Dencell-T Type

Textile Industry

Dencell-T type is commonly used in thread sizing process and preparation of printing paste, and is preferred for easily and quickly soluble in cold water, film formation, and adhesive power. It enhances the weaving performance and can be removed after weaving without using an enzyme thus the need for water and steam is decreased. It can be used in combination with and/or instead of starch in sizing process. The followings are the advantages of Dencell-T over starch in sizing process:

1. In contrast to starch, Dencell-T is soluble in the cold water.

2. Saves on power costs since no steam and heat treatment is needed in sizing process.

3. Desizing after weaving is performed by only washing with cold water. No enzyme or heat treatment is needed.

4. When sizing with starch, a certain amount of starch still remains on the thread no matter how well the desizing is performed after weaving. Barré (difference in color) may occur during dying process because starch particles remain on the thread, resulting in defects in dying and quality of finished product. However, Dencell-T may not cause such problem since it can be thoroughly rinsed with cold water, eliminating the risk of barré (difference in color).

5. Dencell-T allows for saving on cost with properties listed above when compared to the starch thus it is much more economic and efficient.

6. 3 kilograms of starch is substituted with 1 kg of Dencell-T in use.

Paper Industry

Dencell-T series products are used in paper manufacturing to optimize certain specifications of thin and thick cartons due to their cellulosic features. It increases the strength, improves the quality of printing, enhances performance of printing, and clears the printing quality through its property to form a film when added to the pulp. It allows adding more filler in the paper. It increases the effect of characteristics of other auxiliary paper materials when used alone or in combination with these materials. The better results can be seen not only in adhesion, adhesion robustness, retention of filling materials, dying materials, and opacities but also in printing technique.

Ceramic Industry

Dencell-T is preferred in ceramic industry for viscosity stabilization and binding features. It helps to achieve smooth surface products by means of face glazing and controlled water loss. More viscous types should be used in vitrified products in order to preserve pattern design before drying process.