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Products by Area of Use

Product Information / Dencell-D Type:

Our Dencell-D type is a technical CMC product used in manufacturing powder and cream detergents. In-vitro studies in detergent industry have demonstrated that CMC constitutes an (H) bond with cotton fibers in cotton weaving. The dirt trap occurs between negatively (-) charged powder particles and the negatively charged carboxymethyl groups. In this way, CMC traps the dirt in powder detergents and allows anti-redeposition with rinse water. It is therefore referred to as anti-redeposition agent. Furthermore, it improves the detergency and performance, resulting in economical benefits.

A higher viscosity CMC is used in cream detergents because higher water retention is required.

Our Dencell-D type products are within generally accepted detergent specifications and can be manufactured in different chemical specifications and physical appearance as required by the customer.

This flexible manufacturing and the differences allow us to achieve higher customer satisfaction, price adjustment, and performance expectations.

The type of detergents in our product portfolio fall into two groups by their usage:

Types of Powder Detergents

Dencell-DT types are generally used in manufacturing powder detergents. They can also be used in different industries as per their specifications.

In powder detergent industry, our CMC products fall into 4 standard subtypes, DTE, DT, DTA and DTH, by customer demand, market-price conditions, economy, and outstanding color and physical form features. We can also manufacture any products in accordance with customer demand other than these standard types.

Types of Cream Detergents

Dencell-DK types can be manufactured in different ranges of specifications by various viscosity values. These types can be used in cream detergents and as viscosifier (viscosity increasing agent) in various industrial divisions to avoid excessive and quick water loss in hot countries because they provide high viscosity.

Except for the products listed above, we can also manufacture specific products in accordance with customer demand as well as create flexible solutions by modifying specifications of standard products.