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Product Information / Dencell-B Type

In Dyeing Industry

Dencell-B increases the viscosity of dye by its thickening characteristics. The viscosity control in dye manufacturing is performed by cellulose derivatives such as Dencell-B. The dye does not leave stain and contributes to formation of a smooth surface by means of generating a film.

In Building and Construction Chemicals

Our Dencell-B group products are used as adhesive, freeze retardant, strength-enhancer admixture in building industry, and cement and gypsum mortar. Because it is freeze retardant, and cement and gypsum mortar can be kept with no drying, it allows for a smooth and crack-free surface based on both application and slow water loss. It enables gypsum and cement to remain not thickened for long, prolonging the time of process. Freeze retardant is also used I n concrete mortars to avoid crack formation during thickening.