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Denkim Kimya Inc. has a closed system production process for raw materials used in manufacture and manufacturing technology and does not generate any wastes harmful to environment. In this sense, Denkim Inc. has identified eco-friendly production standards. These standards constantly prioritize and deal with preservation of environment and natural sources, and human life in any stages of production processes and energy efficiency, renewable energy resources, waste utilization activities, and leaving a clean and healthy environment for future generations. With this awareness of environment, we have obtained all legal permits and certificates from relevant authorities following necessary audits and inspections in order to document that the impact of our production processes on the environment is not harmful and keep their environmental impact under control.

The followings are the some of the certificates;

• EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment),

• Waste and Recycling License,

• Environmental Permit and License

We are fully aware of our responsibilities to the environment and therefore we constantly monitor any environmental impacts; periodically measure any wastes to reduce any environmental impacts.