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• With the aim of manufacturing and exporting NaCMC (Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose), Denkim Kimya Inc., was established and started to operate in the plants located in Denizli in 1995. Since its establishment, any technical types of CMC are manufactured at international standards, adopting a customer-focused approach.

• As of today, Denkim Kimya Inc. is a well known manufacturer and exporter around the world for CMC and PAC (Polyanionic Cellulose) products.

• DENCELL®, ALFACELL®, BETACELL®, EXTRA WHITE® and ULTRACELL® are registered trademarks of Denkim Kimya Inc. recognized both in domestic markets and many foreign markets.

• Denkim Kimya Inc. has adopted international quality and testing standards such as ASTM (American Standard Testing Method) and API (American Petrol Institution) as a sustainable quality standard for manufacturing and R&D processes, and all products are manufactured in accordance with these standards and specifications.

• Denkim Kimya Inc. ISO 9001 holds a quality system certificate.

• Denkim Kimya Inc. has multinational company references demonstrating that it is a globally recognized company for collaboration in projects, logistics solutions, technical support, and quality and sales services of international standards.


Dencell-D Type

Our Dencell-D type is a technical CMC product used in manufacturing powder and cream detergents. In-vitro studies in detergent industry have demonstrated that CMC constitutes an (H) bond with cotton fibers in cotton weaving.

Dencell-T Type

Dencell-T type is commonly used in thread sizing process and preparation of printing paste, and is preferred for easily and quickly soluble in cold water, film formation, and adhesive power.

Dencell-B Type

Dencell-B increases the viscosity of dye by its thickening characteristics. The viscosity control in dye manufacturing is performed by cellulose derivatives such as Dencell-B...

Drilling Type CMC ve PAC

Our cellulose derivative products utilized in drilling industry are used as performance-enhancer admixture in oil drilling through their feature such as film formation, water retention (avoidance of liquid loss) ...

Glues and Adhesives

Developed as paper walls, our ALFACELL, SUPERALFACELL, BETACELL, EXTRA WHITE, ULTRACELL products are perfect film formers and water soluble cellulosic polymers.